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Microgrid Solutions and Cases


A microgrid system is a distribution system that can achieve self-control, protection and management according to predetermined objectives.

It can operate interconnected with the external grid to form a grid-connected microgrid, and can also operate in isolation to form an islanded microgrid.

Energy storage systems are an indispensable unit in the microgrid to achieve internal power balance, provide stable power to the load, and improve power supply reliability; realize seamless switching between grid-connected and islanded modes.

Mainly Applied To

1. Islanded microgrid areas without electricity access like islands;

2. Grid-connected microgrid scenarios with complementary multiple energy sources and self-generation for self-consumption.


1. Highly efficient and flexible, suitable for various renewable energy generation systems;
2. Modular design, flexible configuration;
3. Wide power supply radius, easy to expand, suitable for long-distance transmission;
4. Seamless switching function for microgrids;
5. Supports grid-connected limited, microgrid priority and parallel operation modes;
6. PV and energy storage decoupled design, simple control.

Microgrid-01 (2)
Microgrid-01 (3)

Case 1

This project is a micro-grid project integrating photovoltaic storage and charging. It refers to a small power generation and distribution system composed of photovoltaic power generation system, energy storage system, energy conversion system (PCS), electric vehicle charging pile, general load and monitoring, and micro-grid protection device. It is an autonomous system that can realize self-control, protection and management.
● Energy storage capacity: 250kW/500kWh
● Super capacitor: 540Wh
● Energy storage medium: lithium iron phosphate
● Load: charging pile, others

Case 2

The photovoltaic power of the project is 65.6KW, the energy storage scale is 100KW/200KWh, and there are 20 charging piles. The project has completed the overall design and construction process of the solar storage and charging project, laying a good foundation for subsequent development.
● Energy storage capacity: 200kWh
● PCS: 100kW Photovoltaic capacity: 64kWp
● Energy storage medium: lithium iron phosphate

Microgrid-01 (2)
Microgrid-01 (3)

Case 3

The MW-level smart micro-grid demonstration project consists of a 100kW dual-input PCS and a 20kW photovoltaic inverter connected in parallel to realize grid-connected and off-grid operation. The project is equipped with three different energy storage media:
1. 210kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack.
2. 105kWh ternary battery pack.
3. Supercapacitor 50kW for 5 seconds.
● Energy storage capacity: 210kWh lithium iron phosphate, 105kWh ternary
● Super capacitor: 50kW for 5 seconds, PCS: 100kW dual input
● Photovoltaic inverter: 20kW