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Home&portable Storage System

Residential PV plus Storage Solutions

provide households with clean, renewable electricity generation and backup storage capacity.

Key features includ

● Solar panels generate clean energy during the day
● Batteries store excess solar power for evening/night use
● Backup power supply during grid outages
● Smart controls for optimizing self-consumption

Main applications

● Maximizing solar self-consumption
● Reducing household electricity bills
● Backup power for home appliances and devices
● Grid independence and resilience

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Portable PV plus Storage Solutions

Portable solar panels and batteries can provide renewable off-grid power for travel and outdoor activities.

Key features includ

● Foldable solar panels to charge batteries
● Compact and portable battery packs
● Charges phones, cameras, laptops, etc. on-the-go
● Provides power anywhere without grid access

Main applications

● Charging for camping, hiking, outdoor events
● Power for RVs, boats, cabins without electricity
● Emergency backup power during outages
● Off-grid, sustainable power for remote areasIn summary, integrating PV and batteries provides reliable green power with minimal environmental impact for both residential and portable applications.

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