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Photovoltaic System

Commercial and Industrial PV and Distributed PV Generation


● Rooftop PV systems for factories, warehouses, commercial buildings
● Ground-mounted PV farms for industrial parks and vacant land
● Solar carports and rooftops for parking lots and garages
● BIPV (Building Integrated PV) for roofs, façades, skylightsKey Features:- Clean, renewable electricity from solar panels
● Reduced electricity costs and enhanced energy security
● Minimal environmental impact and carbon footprint
● Scalable systems from kilowatts to megawatts
● Grid-connected or off-grid configurations available
● Distributed PV generation refers to decentralized solar power systems close to the point of use.

Key Features

● Local clean power generation reduces transmission losses
● Supplements centralized electricity supply
● Improves grid resilience and stability
● Modular PV panels, inverters, and mounting systems
● Can operate in isolated microgrids or connected to grid
In summary, commercial/industrial PV and distributed PV generation utilize localized solar photovoltaic systems to provide clean electricity for facilities and communities.

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Solutions and Cases

The 40MW light (storage) animal husbandry power station project has a planned installed capacity of 40MWp, and the installed capacity of the first phase project is 15MWp, with a land area of 637 mu, all of which are saline-alkali land and unused land.
● Photovoltaic capacity: 15MWp
● Annual power generation: more than 20 million kWh
● Grid-connected voltage level: 66kV
● Inverter: 14000kW

The total investment of the project is 236 million yuan, the installed capacity is 30MWp, and 103,048 260Wp polysilicon solar panels are installed.
● Photovoltaic capacity: 30MWp
● Annual power generation: more than 33 million kWh
● Annual income: 36 million yuan

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The first phase of the project will be 3.3MW, and the second phase will be 3.2MW. Adopting the mode of "spontaneous generation and self-use, surplus electricity connected to the grid", it can reduce 517,000 tons of smoke and dust emissions and 200,000 tons of greenhouse gases every year.
● Total photovoltaic capacity: 6.5MW
● Annual power generation: more than 2 million kWh
● Grid-connected voltage level: 10kV
● Inverter: 3MW