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  • Reliance begins trials of swappable EV batteries

    Reliance Industries recently showcased its swappable lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries for electric two-wheelers. The batteries can be charged through the grid or with solar to run home appliances. OCTOBER 23, 2023 UMA GUPTA DISTRIBUTED STORAGE ENERGY STORAGE ENERGY STORAGE TECHNOLOGY AND R&...
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  • History of solar energy

    History of solar energy

      Solar EnergyWhat Is Solar Energy?History of solar energy Throughout history, solar energy has always been present in the life of the planet. This source of energy has always been essential for the development of life. Over time, humanity has increasingly improved the strategies for its use...
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  • Renogy’s 50W flexible solar panels are on sale for almost half the price

            If you’re looking to try DIY solar or expand on your current off-grid solar setup, these lightweight and flexible solar panels from Renogy could be just what you need, especially now that they’re only $67.99 each, which is less than the regular price . ret...
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  • 18 Best Portable Chargers (2023): For Phones, iPads, Laptops, and More

            If you buy something through links in our stories, we may receive a commission. This helps support our journalism. To learn more. Also consider subscribing to WIRED        Portable devices have a Murphy’s Law-like ability to drain your batt...
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  • Types of Solar Energy: Ways to Harness the Sun’s Energy

    Types of Solar Energy: Ways to Harness the Sun’s Energy

    Solar energy is a form of renewable energy obtained directly or indirectly from the sun. Solar radiation leaves the Sun and travels through the solar system until it reaches Earth under electromagnetic radiation. When we mention the different types of solar energy, we refer to the different ways ...
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  • Solar Radiation: Types, Properties and Definition

    Solar Radiation: Types, Properties and Definition

    Solar radiation: types, properties and definition Solar radiation definition: it is the energy emitted by the Sun in interplanetary space. When we speak about the amount of solar energy reaching the surface of our planet, we use irradiance and irradiation concepts. Solar irradiation is the energy...
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  • Solar Energy Definition with Examples and Uses

    Solar Energy Definition with Examples and Uses

    Solar energy definition with examples and uses The definition of solar energy is the energy that comes from the Sun and that we can capture thanks to solar radiation. The concept of solar energy is often used to refer to the electrical or thermal energy that is obtained using solar radiation. Th...
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  • Pakistan re-tenders 600 MW solar PV project

    The Pakistani authorities have once again tendered a bid to develop 600 MW of solar capacity in Punjab, Pakistan. The government is now telling prospective developers that they have until Oct. 30 to submit proposals. SEPTEMBER 20, 2023 ANGELA SKUJINS MARKETS MARKETS & POLICY UTILITY SCA...
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  • Lunar Energy Launches Universal Solar Home Backup System

            Posted by Umar Shakir, a news reporter who loves the EV lifestyle and things that connect via USB-C. Prior to joining The Verge, he worked in the IT support industry for over 15 years.        Lunar Energy, a home battery backup company that launch...
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  • Dubai’s 250 MW/1,500 MWh pumped-storage project nearing completion

    Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s (DEWA) Hatta pumped-storage hydroelectric power plant is now 74% complete, and it is expected to begin operations in the first half of 2025. The facility will also store electricity from the 5 GW Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park. SEPTEMBER 14, 202...
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  • Italy adds 1,468 MW/2,058 MWh of distributed storage capacity in H1

    Italy hit 3,045 MW/4,893 MWh of distributed storage capacity in the six months to the end of June. The segment continues to grow, led by the regions of Lombardy and Veneto. SEPTEMBER 14, 2023 EMILIANO BELLINI COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL PV DISTRIBUTED STORAGE ENERGY STORAGE ENERGY STORAGE MARK...
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  • Australia’s large-scale PV segment is stagnating

    SEPTEMBER 14, 2023 BELLA PEACOCK MARKETS UTILITY SCALE PV AUSTRALIA From pv magazine Australia Recent analysis from solar and storage analyst Sunwiz shows that Australia’s large-scale renewable segment is languishing. Looking at the Sunwiz graphs breaking down large-scale certificates (LGCs...
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