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50kw 100kwh ESS Energy Storage System Cabinet with Lithium Battery

Short Description:

  • PV ESS DC and Flexibility(PEDF) Intergrated Energy System
  • CUBE Industrial and Commercial Energy System

Product Detail

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DC date
Capacity 103.68kwh
Battery rack quantity 1
Communicate connection RS485/CAN
DC voltage range 650~850V
AC date
Rated AC power 50KW
Max AC power 60KW
Rated AC current 73A
Max AC current 87A
DC current component <0.5%
Rated voltage 400V
Allowed voltage range 340~440V
Rated grid frenquency 50/60Hz
General data
Protection level IP54
Fire extinguishing system yes
Run time (full power) 2h
Operation temperature -30~55ºC
Dimension(W*L*H) 1200x2400x800mm
Weight 1500kg
EMS communication RS485, TCP/IP
PCS cooling methord Air cooling
Battery cooling methord Air-condition cooling
Height 4500m
Relative humidity 0~95% no condensation


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